Dr. Peter Yan


Dr. Peter Yan (PhD, MSc, MBus), is considered one of the nation’s leading minds in the field of Mathematics. He is also a highly regarded educator, and author of 4 Mathematics guide books and 4 books on Challenging Questions in 2003. He authored another 2 Math guide books under Amazon Kindle, PSLE Maths in 2015. His greatest achievement, however, lies in the creation of the Arrow Transfer Model® for Mathematics – the culmination of his life’s work. He has sent for filing a patent Mathematical inventive step using 5 strategically open concept model with technique in colours, shapes, arrow and transfer.

Peter's extensive knowledge and understanding of examination formats has led to him being sought after by local educational institutes, as well as parents. He has worked with household names such as NUS Extension, National Institute of Commerce, Kent Ridge Tuition Consultancy and Adam Khoo Learning Centre, specialising in Primary and Secondary school syllabi. His teaching approach is built on over 30 years of research, a potential to revolutionise the way Mathematics is taught to young children. Peter was first interviewed by myPaper in 2006, regarding his views on the existing educational approach. He has done successful workshops in Singapore and taught students from China, Indonesia, Malaysia, UK, Japan, India, Korea, France, Philippines, Italy and Vietnam.

Over the years, Peter has constructed and compiled a set of 30,000 meticulously-crafted questions that capitalise and work on each student’s strengths and weaknesses. His objective is to challenge his students to think outside the box, tapping on both left and right brain functions. He believes that the most efficient way of raising proficiency is to transform the accumulated fear of numbers into confidence. Peter makes it a point to equip his students with independent problem-solving skills, helping them gain deeper perspective on problem management, both within and outside the classroom. He is dedicated to sharing his teachings and vision with students and educators and is, therefore, proud to offer franchising opportunities that include personal coaching and consultation.


In his quest to help children from disadvantaged background, Peter was invited by his Member of Parliament in 2014 and is now People's Association pro bono Trainer in ATM Algebraic Math for both children and adults.

Peter is the current 3-time record holder of Singapore Book of Record in Blowing the biggest balloon, Longest Breath Yam Seng, Holding Breath Underwater, since 2001, 2005, 2006 respectively. He runs the ST 18.45km in 2016 in 2h 9min, and the Standard Chartered Half Marathon 21.1 km in 2h 28minutes.

Peter is the leader of Tan Tock Seng Hospital Pain Management Support Group and Health Facilitator of Engage in Life (EIL). He leads the Treatment Exercise in Hougang Meditation Group. As an invited speaker in Ageing issues, Longevity, he also created the content for YouTube video on Extension of Life. 

Creator of ATM Math