What is ATM?

Purpose of Trade Mark - To provide statistical research into assessing potential giftedness in a normal child in a population, drawing mathematical giftedness out of any child.


Novel feature of invention -


1.  Teaching algebra in an open model concept, starting from Primary 3.


2.  You can just read into a mathematical statement and write correspondingly into an equation.


3.  Using 3 colours becomes an illusion & answers appear even before understanding the question.


Transfer Technology - a concept model that raise a student's mathematical competency by 3 YEARS.


Arrow Transfer Model® for Mathematics (ATM Math) is a systematic learning technique that is not only efficient, but easy to apply. Created with the purpose of solving complex problem sums with unprecedented precision and speed, it consists of a carefully researched 3-step Transfer Technology (Pri level) and 5-step Transfer Technology (Sec level) approach that was derived from the re-evaluation of mathematical models, both past and present.


ATM Math is acknowledged as another acceptable approach to solve mathematics by the Senior Curriculum Specialist (Mathematics) in MOE in 2003 and adopted by Adam Khoo Learning Centre (2006 – present). The technique has garnered rave reviews and has helped turn countless Cs into As over the past decade. It also maintains a sterling 100% pass rate in Singapore PSLE Maths for the past 30 years.




Benefits of ATM

- Develop speed and accuracy

- Make math relevant, logical, creative and adventurous

- Acquire powerful inquiry, exploratory mathematical skills

- Eliminate careless mistakes

- Confidently tackle tough problem sums

- Understand difficult concepts

- Score distinctions in their tests and the PSLE

Filed for Patent

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