Chantal doesn't like maths but after she tried out ATM Math her results improve tremendously from 63 marks to 92 marks and A* for PSLE. 

From Chantel's parents

Alex used the ATM model to solve very difficult math questions during his exams and he got it right on his first attempt. And he got an A* for his PSLE.


Nicholas used the ATM model for special questions in his exams. He enjoyed learning new things every lesson and scored an A* for Math in PSLE. That made his mom very happy.

Suresh used to get 50 marks for maths, but after using the ATM model, his results improved tremendously to 82 marks.

Matthias scored an A* after using ATM model his exams. It was fun and it's less than 5 steps. 

Gabriel improved from 76 marks to an A* in PSLE in a period of 1 year.

He found the ATM model very useful.

Ashley was under the Foundation Math Programme. She improved from 29 marks to 84 marks and scored a grade 2 in PSLE. Her results improved tremendously.

Junjie wasn't prepared for PSLE at first, but after learning the ATM model, it built his confidence for maths and he went on to score an A* in PSLE.

Gabriel from Henry Park Primary School scored an A* in PSLE.

Luke has been using the ATM method in his Secondary school journey and has been getting many perfect scores since.

A high scorer Valerie entry in 2011 with marks 96% managed to sustain a perfect 100% throughout into PSLE 2013 A*.

Bradford , first time passing his Maths, is happy from 30 marks to achieve PSLE result 70-84 marks (Normal Class).

Zhi Tong has not been able to score more than 60 marks in Maths for 4 years until he makes his breakthrough with ATM in P5